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In response to the health challenges facing the population, It Takes a Village Africa main priorities will be to improve child and maternal health, improve prevention, control, and management of major infectious diseases while improving the nutrition status.  With your help on these initiatives with Healthcare, we can change Liberia for the better. Better healthcare leads to a better future.

Picture By Ife Martins

Picture By Ife Martins



It Takes a Village Africa Health Initiatives

ITAVA works with the Woloha Community in Margibi County, Liberia ,West Africa . We believe that access to affordable health care is a basic human necessity. We strive to provide the widest range of medical services in Liberia.

Our services cover 5 target areas:

Monthly wellness checkups – we conduct monthly health screens, focusing on a selected health concerns each month. The goal is to give schools and parents a good sense of each child’s health status over the course of the school year.

Monthly health education – each month, we engage all community members in small groups, discussing topics that impact their lives. These sessions allow the members time needed to ask questions and squash the myths that surround many health concerns in Liberia.

Training first aid  responders in each participating school – we trained selected school staff as first aide clinicians; this ensures that schools have first responders with appropriate knowledge and skills to intervene in case of an emergency.

Menstrual health and hygiene – Girls’ education is undermined and, in some cases derailed, by the absence of adequate resources for menstrual health and hygiene. An unacceptable number of girls miss at least two days of school monthly because of their cycle. It Takes a Village Africa  mitigates this challenge by providing under garments and pads to schools. A female staff in each school is trained to manage the resources and serve as the menstrual health and hygiene administrator.

Clinic – It Takes a Village Africa  plan on opening up  a specialized maternal Health clinic exclusively for Community members Early 2018 . Each member is given two monthly clinic visits at no extra charge. The clinic serves as an urgent care facility and complements the preventive services offered on .