Akon Launches Academy To Help Provide Electricity To 600 Million People In Africa

By Joseph D'Urso

LONDON, May 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) -  S enegalese-American singer Akon, whose Akon Lighting Africa  initiative aims to bring electricity to some of the 600 million  Africans who lack it, announced on Thursday the launch of a new  "Solar Academy" for the continent.

The institution, scheduled to open this summer in Bamako,  Mali's capital, will try to give African engineers and  entrepreneurs the skills needed to develop solar power. European  experts will help supply training equipment and programs.

The academy will aim to teach people how to install and  maintain solar-powered electricity systems as well as micro  grids, "which are really taking off in rural Africa," Akon  Lighting Africa said.

Posted on June 4, 2015 .

ITAVA is Snowballing Ahead...Watch Out!

Talk about a busy and successful week! ITAVA is making a lot of moves towards farming initiatives and we'd like to share what's been going on!  During the past nine weeks, the focus on a community co-operative has significantly geared goals in establishing long term partnerships to expand efforts within West Africa. In order for us to gain a better understanding we received help from The Working World, a non-profit who provides investment capital and technical support for worker cooperatives, who have given knowledge and resourceful tools to enhance the motives for the farming project. Not only do we have plans to gain agricultural support from small and large businesses in Brooklyn, we also are planning a film event to share our vision with the community and supporting members. It's a productively fun filled few weeks ahead as we charge through and take an exciting opportunity towards creating new relationships with partnerships who want to join our mission. As for the wonderful individuals and members of The Working World, we'd like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and effort spent to help people and organizations like us reach co-operative goals.  it has been a pleasure getting to know everyone through time spent attending courses with other motivated and empowering community leaders. 

As we keep moving forward share with ITAVA what you think of the mission and what you'd like to see at our upcoming film event. We'd love to hear from you and get a better understanding of our followers and what your interests are! Contact us here on the website or facebook message us! 

to visit our facebook page go to www.facebook.com/myvillageafrica?fref=ts

Posted on May 15, 2015 .

Bric Arts Studio Campaign Party

What better way to start a campaign than to launch a party for it! This past Friday Brics Arts Studio hosted an ITAVA farming project campaign party with our founder, Erica Davies, who met with fellow community members and producers from the BPN network and surrounding networks.  This exciting evening consisted of ITAVA farming project goals, lively collaborative discussions, marketing initiatives, and social media campaign talk. The future of ITAVA was walked through as exchanges of ideas and plan-based discussions devised the framework for future collaborations within the arts. 

An important emphasis was placed on visual storytelling and how this can contribute to community development and contribution through participation and crowd-funding initiatives.  ITAVA is preparing to collaborate with artists and producers to create films and documentaries about Liberia and the farming project. Prospective characters range from the inhabitants of the farm, teachers and children to the labor workers and behind the scenes individuals who lead the ITAVA mission. In doing so, the vision and work of ITAVA will be available to share through multiple visual and media platforms, further expanding its outreach and will provide educational resources for community groups, associated partnerships, and private contributors.

For those of you who are interested in taking action and participating ITAVA will be hosting future events in the upcoming weeks in the Brooklyn area. Those details will be posted on the website and regular updates will appear through social media, so keep a look out for further information!   

Posted on May 13, 2015 .

From Ebola to Clean Water Initiatives

The Ebola tragedy in West Africa is no longer a headline in the news however, the crisis continues to be a dramatic variable in the aid to provide clean water.  The delivery and storage of clean water remains a critical priority in the fight against the disease. In order to achieve this goal, a number of partnerships have combined efforts to supply quality water to existing Ebola Treatment Units in Liberia. Main participants include the Mcwane Foundation, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, WaterHealth International, and the Global Environment & Technology Foundation give as many as 22 million liters of safe, World Health Organization- quality water that is being transported to treatment centers. For every Ebola patient, 52 gallons of water a day is needed to treat, wash clothes, disinfect patient hands and bodies, and drink. As well, it is essential that medical staff cleanse their outfits. It is vital that these conditions remain a constant priority in order for treatment and healthcare to succeed.  Sanitation access is key to fighting the disease and providing hope for the patients who are suffering and at risk. 

As we continue to report news regarding clean water and the Ebola crisis we cannot help but examine how we use water ourselves.  It may be difficult to understand the idea of the absence or lack of water due to our dependable health infrastructure systems here at home. Therefore, we must magnify our participation and awareness toward this initiative.  So I ask for you to take particular instruction in educating yourself, loved ones, and others on this topic so we can consciously work towards maintaining global awareness as part of being a global citizen of the world. 

"Clean, safe, reliable water is not a luxury, it is a necessity, particularity when treating a disease like Ebola. While Ebola isn't on the front pages anymore, it's a crisis that continues to claim hundreds of lives, with more than 124 new cases in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone recorded in the first week of February alone, said G. Ruffner Page, Jr., McWane, Inc.'s President. What matters most is the continuing commitment by the partnership and project initiatives to deliver safe water where it is most needed. Dependable drinking water will help prevent the spread of devastating illness and support broader efforts at disease eradication and prevention. 

Since the 2014 outbreak of Ebola, considerable changes have occurred to aid in the crisis and has served as a global reminder to sustain healthcare services and treatment systems throughout the world. It is unfortunate that such a devastating shift was necessary to ignite a change, however in recognizing this humanitarian need West Africa and its citizens are no longer by themselves.  Initiatives will be helping deliver water to frontline health clinics in Monrovia, a focal point of the outbreak.  

It Takes a Village Africa is committed to supporting the children in Liberia with clean water.  Healthcare is a key role in ITAVA mission to educate its students on the Ebola crisis, disease prevention, maternal care, and other topics. The dedication and hard work necessary for this relief and health care initiative is part of this summer's campaign which will be raising funds to supply more than 800 children with the education, housing, healthcare, and agricultural skills necessary to have a healthy happy life. For more information follow the campaign to stay informed on ITAVA participation in healthcare relief and education for Liberian children. 

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SOURCE McWane, Inc.

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