Bric Arts Studio Campaign Party

What better way to start a campaign than to launch a party for it! This past Friday Brics Arts Studio hosted an ITAVA farming project campaign party with our founder, Erica Davies, who met with fellow community members and producers from the BPN network and surrounding networks.  This exciting evening consisted of ITAVA farming project goals, lively collaborative discussions, marketing initiatives, and social media campaign talk. The future of ITAVA was walked through as exchanges of ideas and plan-based discussions devised the framework for future collaborations within the arts. 

An important emphasis was placed on visual storytelling and how this can contribute to community development and contribution through participation and crowd-funding initiatives.  ITAVA is preparing to collaborate with artists and producers to create films and documentaries about Liberia and the farming project. Prospective characters range from the inhabitants of the farm, teachers and children to the labor workers and behind the scenes individuals who lead the ITAVA mission. In doing so, the vision and work of ITAVA will be available to share through multiple visual and media platforms, further expanding its outreach and will provide educational resources for community groups, associated partnerships, and private contributors.

For those of you who are interested in taking action and participating ITAVA will be hosting future events in the upcoming weeks in the Brooklyn area. Those details will be posted on the website and regular updates will appear through social media, so keep a look out for further information!   

Posted on May 13, 2015 .